Muhammad Zawish


As a young university student, I held a dream close to my heart: to build a brand that would blend tradition with innovation and create fashion that stands the test of time. That dream has become a reality with Mughal Stitch Industries, the home of Leathrox. Mughal Stitch Industries isn’t just a factory; it’s a journey of passion and creativity. We’ve taken the rich heritage of leather craftsmanship and infused it with contemporary innovation to craft products that tell a unique story. Each piece reflects our commitment to precision and quality. Under the registered trademark name Leathrox, we offer a range of fashion that embodies excellence, where details matter, and where fashion isn’t just about what you wear; it’s about who you are. Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey, where dreams turned into reality, and where Mughal Stitch Industries and Leathrox stand as symbols of tradition, innovation, and the pursuit of fashion that transcends time.